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Data Analytics

Master Marketing Digital & Data Analytics

The Master in Marketing, Digital and Data Analytics at IE Business School is designed for marketing professionals who want to gain a competitive edge in the industry. The program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage…

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What are the major student unions?

Competition is also fierce between higher level student associations. Through competitions of dynamism and creativity, they fight for notoriety and pleasure. This is why they are developing in almost every country. As a culture of the grandes ├ęcoles and universities,…

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How to find student housing?

For each student, continuing his or her studies in another city means having to find a home. This also applies to newly hired young apprentices. However, finding an ideal place to live for a certain period of time is not…

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How to find a student job?

Most students don’t just sit around doing nothing during the holidays. Still others want to have a part-time job. This is in order to earn some money and to be a little independent from parents. If you want to find…

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What is the state aid for students?

To help young people achieve their dreams, the government offers them several educational supports. These supports enable students to finance their studies. In addition, with this they can buy all the necessary materials. Tuition fees, books, computers… are all part…

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