Language trips are good opportunities for students to go abroad for a specific period of time. But not everyone can access this offer. For those who are selected, there are organizations that take care of these language trips.

About the language stay

Language stays allow you to learn a new language in practice and intense listening in a playful way. In general, when you learn a language, your brain receives stimuli that will show it the passage according to the mechanism of learning the language. To achieve this, you have to trust the dedicated organizations. Not all language travel agencies are the same. Some raise the cost to get more benefits, while others offer tailor-made programs at a better price. In this case, you must make sure that the organization you choose offers you daily support and a quality you can trust.

Choosing a certified organization

Before receiving the "NF Service" certification, language travel organisations must be properly checked. Special teams of supervisors and teachers are required to analyse the organisations according to the standards. When the certification is delivered, controls and monitoring will be perpetuated each year to check the respect of the commitments and the quality of the services offered. For this reason, it is necessary to choose a certified language school. Acquiring the NF Service label for the organisation is not just a formality, but also a process to verify the quality of the services.

Opting for an organisation that is a member of professional federations

In order to have more advantages and avoid unpleasant surprises, you should favour an organization that is a member of a professional federation. Two federations currently bring together organizations that guarantee quality and reliability. You can have the UNOSEL (National Union of Organizations for Educational and Linguistic Stays and Language Training) which can accredit language stay organizations respecting 10 commitments proposed at the level of the federation. On the other hand, there is the National Office for the Guarantee of Language Stays and Training Courses which puts at the centre of the organisations that respect a certain quality charter. The charter is drawn up with a few consumer associations and major parents' federations. As a result, a member of one of these federations must be chosen to ensure that it is in order.