A private lesson is a lesson where the student is alone with the teacher. It can cover many disciplines, for example music, swimming, skiing, tutoring or other.

Why take private lessons?

In spite of efforts, there are always pupils who are behind and have problems with schooling. Changing schools in the middle of the school year; lack of work; repetitive absence of the teacher; more personal worries related to family life; preparing for an exam; practicing to improve oneself are some of the reasons why the student decides to take private lessons at home or elsewhere. They represent an effective and rapid solution to problems related to children's studies. They allow students to make progress and to take the time to deepen what has been misunderstood in class, in order to improve their knowledge. But it's also a good time to ask any questions that seemed unclear in class.

Accompaniment of private lessons

First of all, tutoring allows the child to evolve, it can be excellent if it is accompanied by private tutoring. The teacher who gives him/her the weekly lesson gives him/her a new way of explaining homework and lessons. It is an opportunity to progress by helping with homework from the earliest age to the next level. He will teach and multiply exercises; go from the general to the detailed; break down difficult questions into small questions until the student has an answer; encourage the child; support difficult elements with examples; facilitate vocabulary to clearly state technical terms; make him work on exam methodology; learn how to manage his time. It also enables the student to grasp another foreign language and to play a new musical instrument.


Sometimes the student prefers quiet to concentrate. The teacher of a private course only gives lessons with one person and no more. He listens to the requirements of the student and gradually corrects them. The private lessons will help to assist the student more effectively and thus give him/her new motivation to take control of his/her studies. But one could also add that following private lessons can fight against dropping out of school, offer better prospects, learn to surpass oneself, develop a critical mind, stimulate curiosity, become an expert in a language and regain a taste for learning.