Living on campus

Living in university residences is an opportunity for students to learn how to be independent, to build relationships, to exchange…

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The student’s centre of interest, objectives and skills are among the criteria that define his or her future career. In addition, it is important to guide them to find their way through the orientation tests that are now available to everyone.

Although these tests do not really provide consistent answers, they can help the individual to analyze the possibilities that may be available to him/her in relation to his/her expectations or career path.

Housing as a student requires a considerable financial contribution. However, solutions can be considered such as living in a shared flat. This option allows not only to reduce costs but also to be able to experience life in a community, in addition to living with one’s own family.

For housing searches, it is always necessary to resort to the services of real estate professionals. It should be noted that there are also state-subsidised housing subsidies.

The advantage of going abroad is not limited to improving your language skills. These trips, improve the student’s personality, both knowledge and skills. Participating in language study abroad in the United States or in a Language School Of Canada for instance will allow you to improve or perfect your English with a host family.

The exchange with people of other nationalities breaks down barriers and you become adept at communication. Immersion in other cultures and changing what you know is always enriching.

Find good transportation plans, devices or student fares to travel cheaper.

Allowing personal development and immersion of the student in the world of work.

University restaurants to eat less expensively and not far from the places of study.

Develop end-of-study projects to showcase one’s skills and find a job.

Go to university to obtain the diplomas needed for job searches.

Granting scholarships or loans to enable the student to carry out his or her projects.

Organising student fairs and open days is of considerable benefit to students, especially for the continuation of their studies but also for the decision about their future employment. Meetings and exchanges with professionals will only have positive repercussions.

They will also be guided in their choice of employment, and more likely to be more aware of the prospects of their studies.

Many students who want to be financially independent, among other things, enter the workforce early and can Teach English In Mexico for example as a part time job. Balancing school and work has become an increasingly important issue, given the high dropout rate. If a student starts working longer hours than they did in school, they will not be able to do well in their studies.

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